• Houston, TX: Trip Groups & Guaranteed Rates Overview

    The Houston TX independent driver program offers predetermined trip groups instead of an on-demand style of dispatching. This means you will receive trip group offers in advance (based on your avai... Read More

  • Trip Group Availability

    Use the form below to create and manage your trip group availability. It takes 3 business days for any changes to take effect. Please return to this form if your availability changes. Note: This fo... Read More

  • Virginia: Upcoming Driver Events

    WEEKLY ONBOARDING EVENTS Thank you for signing up to drive with Veyo! Watch our new driver presentation online (Google Meets) to learn more about Veyo and complete your onboarding. Looking for a t... Read More

  • Michigan: Upcoming Driver Events

    DAILY ONBOARDING EVENTS Thank you for signing up to drive with Veyo! Join a driver orientation class to learn more about Veyo and complete your onboarding. Sign up for the daily orientation cla... Read More

  • How do I access and use the Zoom conferencing platform?

    As you complete the onboarding process, you will be sent an email from our Region Lead with a Zoom link that will take you to the video conferencing platform where you will complete a vehicle inspe... Read More

  • How long does the onboarding process take?

    To become an independent driver-provider, you’ll need to complete our onboarding process. It includes the following steps: passing a background check, passing a drug test, completing a First Aid an... Read More

  • How do I verify my phone number?

    During the registration process, you will be asked to verify your phone number. This let's us know that it's a real phone number that you can access.  Once you enter your phone number for verifica... Read More

  • How do I upload photos of my driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance?

    We've made it easy to apply to drive with Veyo using just your smartphone. You can use the camera on your phone to take pictures of your documents and upload them to our system. When it's time to u... Read More

  • How do I upload my Disclosure of Ownership Form?

    What is the Disclosure of Ownership & Control Interest (DOO) Form and why do I need to sign it? Because Veyo’s business involves Medicaid and Medicare members, we are required to collect informatio... Read More

  • What is the onboarding checklist?

    In order to become a Veyo Driver-Provider, you must complete our onboarding checklist. The checklist includes a variety of tasks that will prepare you to drive with Veyo. These items include: Watc... Read More

  • What is an Authorization to Work document?

    We need to know that you are authorized to work in the United States. You can submit one of the following documents for approval as proof of authorization to work in the U.S.* U.S. Birth Certifica... Read More

  • What is mentor training?

    Veyo Mentors are a key part of the Veyo training program. They help us discover and train new Veyo driver-providers. Each new driver-provider works with a Veyo Mentor during their training process ... Read More

  • How do I get my CPR and First Aid certifications?

    Veyo does require that all driver providers are CPR & First Aid certified. Not currently certified? Don't worry - we provide the course for FREE through our partnership with ProFirstAid, and it's g... Read More

  • Where can I find the training videos?

    The training videos can be found in the driver checklist. To access them, open the menu in your app and click on "Profile." Now click on "Training." You will be able to view and watch all of the ... Read More

  • Connecticut: Upcoming Driver Events

    WEEKLY ONBOARDING EVENTS & VEHICLE INSPECTIONS Weekly onboarding events are available in each region to help you finish the onboarding process or provide any other support you might need. During th... Read More