• What are the regional office locations & hours?

    For the latest information around COVID-19, please visit HERE. Jump right to your region with these quick links: Arizona | California | Connecticut | Michigan | Missouri | Ohio | Texas | Virginia |... Read More

  • Current Rewards for New Drivers

    Current Driver Rewards and Terms & Conditions: Sign-On Bonus Guaranteed Rates Refer a Driver! SIGN-ON BONUS Offers Phoenix, Arizona - Earn $1,500 when you become an active dr... Read More

  • Houston, TX: Trip Groups & Guaranteed Rates Overview

    The Houston TX independent driver program offers predetermined trip groups instead of an on-demand style of dispatching. This means you will receive trip group offers in advance (based on your avai... Read More

  • Who is Veyo?

    Veyo is a full-service NEMT broker. We work with state governments, managed care organizations, and healthcare providers to manage the transportation benefits of their Medicaid and Medicare populat... Read More

  • What is NEMT?

    NEMT stands for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. NEMT is an important benefit for beneficiaries who need to get to and from medical services but have no means of transportation. Learn more abo... Read More

  • Who uses Veyo?

    Currently, we partner with state agencies and managed care organizations to provide transportation for their members. To discover whether or not you can use Veyo, please reach out to your health in... Read More

  • Who would I be driving?

    You’ll be driving people to and from their doctor or health appointments. This may include regular checkups, dialysis appointments, behavioral health appointments, etc. Passengers may need assistan... Read More

  • How much will I be paid per mile on each trip?

    Rates vary by region. Rates are subject to change at any time. Veyo does not take any additional fees or fares out of the above. You keep all that you make! Arizona Pickup fee: $1.00 Rate per mile... Read More

  • If I'm an IDP, can I drive myself to an appointment?

    No, IDPs who also have a health plan that is serviced by Veyo cannot drive themselves to their medical appointment as an IDP.  This is considered a conflict of interest.  If available under your be... Read More