• How do I update my mailing address?

    You can update your mailing address through the Veyo app by clicking on Profile > Personal > Address   1. Open the menu in the Veyo app and click on "Profile." 2. From the Profile screen you will c... Read More

  • Is my income tax exempt?

    All Veyo partners are independent contractors, so we do not withhold any taxes from your paycheck. Partners are entirely responsible for their own tax obligations. We recommend that you seek the ad... Read More

  • Can I write off gas or my car?

    We recommend that you seek the advice of a tax professional for assistance. Read More

  • Will I receive a 1099?

    If you’re a driver-provider based in the United States, you will receive a 1099-K and/or 1099-MISC form to report income you earned with Veyo. You’ll receive one or both depending on the type of pa... Read More

  • Where are my tax documents?

    As required by law, all 1099-MISC forms are postmarked by January 31st to independent driver-providers who have made at least $600 in the fiscal year while driving with Veyo. The forms are sent to... Read More