• Why is my account inactive?

    Your account is set to inactive when you have not taken a trip in over 60 days. In order to reactivate please contact Veyo Support here and one of our agents can assist in reactivating your account.  Read More

  • Why is my account suspended?

    If you have found that your account is showing as suspended please stop by the Veyo office in your area for details on what actions need to be taken to activate your account again. If your account ... Read More

  • How do I update personal information?

    If you want to change your phone number or email address you can do so within the Veyo Driver app. If you are having technical difficulties doing so, please contact Veyo Support here with your new... Read More

  • What is my login information?

    For logging into the Veyo Driver app, your username will be your email address or phone number associated with your Veyo Driver profile, and the password is one that you had chosen upon your initia... Read More

  • How do I resubmit one of my documents?

        If you have received an email about resubmitting your driver’s license, vehicle registration, or vehicle insurance, please follow the below directions:   On your mobile device, please visit... Read More

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you no longer want to drive with Veyo, we can deactivate your account. You will no longer receive trips or notifications from Veyo. To have your  account deactivated, please submit a request to ... Read More