• Where can I find my IDP Manual?

    The latest IDP manual can be found below. Each region does have specific requirements, so please make sure to download the correct manual for your area.  Arizona  Click to Download the Arizona IDP ... Read More

  • How do I contact driver support?

    Arizona/California Driver support: (855) 722-0228 Connecticut Driver support: (877)-771-5972 Veyo Support is best suited to handle your technical and account needs. The Veyo Support team can also b... Read More

  • How do I submit a Fare Review?

    We understand that miscalculations, location changes, and GPS issues happen. If your fare was not calculated correctly, please select “Fare Review” at the end of the trip and provide details and su... Read More

  • I have other trip issues, who do I contact?

    Driver Support is a 24/7 in-person team that should only be contacted in the following situations: 1. If you have any type of accident. See specific information in the “Emergencies” section of this... Read More

  • My phone died during a trip, what should I do?

    We highly recommend your phone always be plugged in and charging when you are using the app! If on an active trip please call Driver Support for immediate assistance. Driver Support Arizona / Calif... Read More

  • Where do I return a lost and found item?

    After each trip, please check the area around the passenger’s seating area to ensure no belongings have been left behind. If a passenger leaves something in your vehicle, please notify support or c... Read More

  • What do I do if I lost my magnets?

    The magnets stick best when your car is clean and free of dirt, so please make sure you’re keeping your vehicle tidy. If you do happen to lose your magnets, we can give you another set at your loca... Read More

  • What is the preferred app for navigation?

    The preferred navigation app is Google Maps as it calculates the shortest and fastest route available at any given time. Google Maps calculates the route based on the time of day, traffic, weather,... Read More

  • What if I am having GPS issues?

    If you are having GPS issues, there are a few things you can try: 1. Toggle the location services for your phone setting to off, and then back on again. You can  find this option in your Phone Sett... Read More

  • I am unable to receive a trip request, what should I do?

    There are a few things that may keep you from receiving a trip request:  Are you keeping the app in the foreground? If the app is running in the background you may miss trip requests.  Are you g... Read More

  • Why is this trip not in my trip history?

    If a trip you have taken is not showing up in your trip history this means that the trip timed out or was cancelled. Please contact Veyo Support to have this trip reviewed. Read More

  • How do I submit a cleaning reimbursement?

    Please head over to https://drivewithveyo.com/incidents/ to fill out an incident report. Be sure to include as many details as possible. After submitting the form please remember to email your pho... Read More

  • Where can I find the driver-provider contract?

    If you are interested in receiving a copy of the driver-provider contract, please contact Veyo Support here to request a copy. Read More